2019 Summer ePassport Exercise Chicago, IL – UPDATED

2019 Summer ePassport Exercise Chicago, IL – UPDATED

May 12

2019 Summer ePassport Exercise Chicago, IL

Harris Park Chicago Park District – African International House

6200 South Drexel Avenue Chicago, IL (1 block east of Cottage Grove Avenue @ 62nd street)

Thursday, 7/18/19 – Saturday, 7/20/19

10am – 5pm


Hello and welcome to the 2019 Summer ePassport Exercise with the Nigerian Consulate New York.  Due to unforeseen operational logistics, the Nigeria Consulate Office New York has changed the exercise dates from 6/13/19 – 6/15/19 to 7/18/19 – 7/20/19. Registration has been extended to 6/22/19.

Assigned Dates Clarification

  • If you were assigned to attend the exercise on Thursday 6/13, you are NOW required to attend on Thursday, 7/18.
  • If you were assigned to attend the exercise on Friday 6/14, you are NOW required to attend on Friday, 7/19.
  • If you were assigned to attend the exercise on Saturday, 6/15, you are NOW required to attend on Saturday, 7/20.

If you have not been assigned a date, please call Ms. Adanna ASAP at 773 443 6516.

Given the newly instituted changes by the Federal Government of Nigeria, only those who registered will be attended to. All intending applicants should complete the online application and submit/register with Dr. Ewa Ewa and Ms. Adanna Okoro to participate in the exercise.

Registration fee is $101 cash/applicant which includes registration, venue, and express mail envelope fee for return of passports. Consulate fee is $100 cash/applicant. You can pay these fees on event day and receipt will be issued to you. If you plan to bring your own express mail envelope, the minimum postage required is $26. Please note that each applicant must have his or her own stamped express mail envelope. Please follow the instructions outlined below.



Visit the New York Consulate Passport Info Link and read the requirements at http://nigeriahouse.com/NewPassport.aspx

Complete passport application at https://www.innovate1services.com

  • Select United States as Processing Country
  • Select New York as Processing Embassy
  • Select 32 pages for booklet type
  • Renewal Applicants please enter your Passport number in the field provided
  • You can skip the National Identity Number field if you don’t have a National ID Card.

Application payment should be made on portal. Print out application, payment slip and acknowledgement slip.



After completion, you can forward each applicant’s application packet (application, payment slip and acknowledgement slip and supporting documents as listed on http://nigeriahouse.com/NewPassport.aspx) and/or https://www.adamazievents.com/chicago-il-2019-passport-registration-info/ to Dr. Ewa Ewa at ewa.ewa@att.net or Ms. Adanna Okoro at 4554 N Broadway Ste 328 Chicago, IL 60640. Per instructions from the Consulate, these materials will then be sent immediately to the Consulate. Only applications the meet this deadline will be treated on the day of event. You can schedule a submission/registration appointment to submit your application packet and  with Ms. Adanna Okoro at 773 443 6516.



Exercise is only open to registered applicants. All registered applicants should attend the exercise on their scheduled date for biometrics capture and arrive at the start time of 10am.

  • All renewal applicants are required to bring their passports along to the exercise for verification purposes.
  • Bring your $101 Registration and $100 Consulate Fees in cash. If you have paid to Ms. Adanna Okoro, she will have your funds available for you at the exercise.
  • Lost Passport Applicants should bring their $370 Penalty Fee in cash per request of the Consulate.

Please visit the Consulate website for more information if you need further clarification, thank you.


Those whose passports are still pending from previous exercise are advised to contact Ms. Adanna Okoro at 773 443 6516 for document reconciliation and prepare for recapture resolution of their problems on Thursday, 7/17/19.



Passport applicants should expect to receive their passports 3 to 6 months after exercise. Passports that are not returned by the sixth month will be considered a problem case and applicant will be scheduled for an appointment with the New York Consulate to resolve issue. Those in urgent need of their passports are advised to avail themselves the opportunity by coming to the Consulate in New York. It takes a day to complete, all things being equal.


For assistance with ePassport, Visas/Visa-on-Arrival/Emergency Travel Certificate Application Preparation/information or questions, call Ms. Adanna Okoro @ 773 443 6516

No Registration, No Service!

Do not park in the parking lot or your car will be towed. Street parking is available.





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