Chicago, IL – SUMMER 2015 ePassport Exercise

Chicago, IL – SUMMER 2015 ePassport Exercise

May 22

2015 Nigerian e-Passport Exercise Chicago, IL.

Venue: Harris Park – Chicago Park District (African International House)
6200 South Drexel Ave Chicago, IL 60637(1 block east of Cottage Grove Avenue @ 62nd street)

Dates & Times
Thursday, 6/25/15: 10am – 5pm

Friday, 6/26/15: 10am – 5pm 

Saturday, 6/27/15: 10am – 5pm 

Hello and welcome to the 2015 Nigerian ePassport Exercise Chicago,IL with the Nigerian Consulate New York.

If you have completed and submitted your application to me your biometrics appointment will be on the first day 6/25/15.

Please plan to spend a number of hours at the venue so plan accordingly especially for your children. All applicants including babies are required to be present since you are coming for passport photo and fingerprint capture. You are responsible for your own feeding so pack lunch, snacks and plenty of fluids.

Items to bring with you
a. Old passport for verification
b. Copies of submitted documents (application, payment receipt, acknowledgment slip, copy of passport data page and other supporting documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate…).
c. $60 POST OFFICE money order (administrative fee) per applicant payable to: Consulate General of Nigeria New York. If you are paying as a family one money order will suffice.
d. STAMPED priority or express mail envelope only. If you are using one envelope for your family, you are advised to list the names on a sheet of paper include a contact phone number and insert it inside the envelope.

Address the envelope as follows
From: Consulate General of Nigeria 828 Second Avenue New York, NY 10017

To: Your mailing details (including unit#)

Lost Passport Applicants

In addition to items b through d you are required to bring a $370 POST OFFICE money order (penalty fee) per applicant payable to The Consulate General of Nigeria


New Applicants / Expired Passport Holders / Lost Passport Applicants

If you have not completed the application process please start your application at Nigeria Consulate New York

Submit copies of applications, acknowledgment slip, payment slip,  supporting documents along with a money order of $20 nominal fee per applicant for processing of  documents. Mail documents to ADAMAZI Events P.O.Box 408157 Chicago, IL 60640

If you wish for us to complete your application for you, please note that a service charge will applied. Call or text (773) 443 6516 or email to book an appointment.

***Directives from the Consulate

Those without E-passport could get their passport within a month of acquisition, all things being equal

Those involved in out-of-station acquisition and holder of E-passport (Re-issue) takes longer time before processing as the immigration Headquarters has to approve such data switch that occurred between outside acquisition and the original data of applicants already in the data base that alternatively, those in urgent need of their passports are advised to avail themselves the opportunity by coming to the Consulate in New York. It takes a day to complete, all things being equal.

If you have any questions and wish to volunteer please contact Dr. Ewa Ewa at 773-289-7973 and Adamazi Adanna Okoro at 773-443-6516 (text for faster response) or send an email to

Passport pictures are not needed – pictures will be taken on-site


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  1. Fred Ikeano

    I will like to volunteer for the Saturday event. Thank you.

    Fred Ikeano

    • adanna

      Noted and please call me to indicate the times you will like to work. The exercise is from 10am – 5pm

  2. Adebayo Fatoki

    I want to make the appointment of 6/26/15.

  3. James Harris


  4. Chukwuemeka Agbarakwe

    I’m for a renewal, just want to know the procedure

  5. Adebayo Fatoki

    I just sent a text message to you and you responded I qualify to attend. Please plan to accommodate us on Friday the 6/26/15 as we must go back to our station the same day due to work. Thanks.

  6. adanna

    Chicago ePassport Exercise Summer 2015 concluded yesterday with over 400 people served. A special thanks to my sister, Carolyn Hatchett for all her efforts, hard work and support. Thanks to Fredrick Nwankwo for all the advertising materials. Thanks to Vee Vee’s African Restaurant for their continued support. Thanks to African International House, producers of African Festival of the Arts for providing accomdation five years and counting. Thanks to the Nigerian Consulate New York for their service. Many thanks to Dr. Ewa Ewa for all he’s done and doing for the Nigerian Community. Thanks to everyone who supported, helped and attended.

    Annoucements will be made when passports are mailed.

    Join the next exercise contact list by sending us a text at 7734436516, email at or tweet at @ADAMAZIEvents

  7. Dayo

    Thanks for the June exercise, special thanks for helping my family. Your effort is appreciated. Please when will Newyork start mailing the passports as we have a trip planned for August and i’m kind of worried.

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