CHICAGO: Summer/Fall 2016 ePassport Exercise Enrollment Announcement

CHICAGO: Summer/Fall 2016 ePassport Exercise Enrollment Announcement

May 17

Hello and welcome to the Chicago SUMMER/FALL 2016 ePassport Exercise Enrollment for the Nigerian Consulate New York ePassport Program. All intending applicants must REGISTER to participate. You will not be allowed entry into the exercise hall without a registration ticket. Appointment dates will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. You must attend on the date assigned to you. Exercise dates will be announced soon.

Steps to Apply and Register

  1. Complete application at
  2. Print out completed application. Applicant should sign his or her application    unless applicant is a minor or   senior and not able to write name or sign then signature line should be left blank.
  3. Pay for application and print receipts (passport acknowledgment slip and passport payment slip).
  4. Collate your documents; copies of application, Nigerian passport data/picture page, receipts, supporting documents as mentioned here along with your registration fee of $100 POST OFFICE MONEY ORDER per applicant payable to ADAMAZI EVENTS.

Mail completed packet to ADAMAZI EVENTS 4554 N Broadway Suite 318B Chicago, IL 60660. 

You can call and schedule an appointment with ADAMAZI EVENTS to complete your application, make payment and register for the exercise. To make an appointment please call 773 443 6516 and/or (312) 468 3166. Our office is located at 4554 N Broadway Suite 318B Chicago, IL 60640. We are open from 12pm – 8pm, Monday – Saturday however you must call to book an appointment.

To avoid the last minute rush or rejection, please start the process now!!! You will be processed according to your registration. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!!! 

If you have any questions please contact Adamazi Adanna Okoro at 773-443-6516 (text for faster response). Inquiries can also be emailed to  



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