Detroit, Michigan ePassport Exercise 5/1 – 5/4

Detroit, Michigan ePassport Exercise 5/1 – 5/4

Apr 02

The Nigerian Embassy will be in Detroit, MI for E- Passport exercise under the Auspices of Nigerian Foundation of Michigan from 5/1 – 5/4

Dates: Thursday May 1, through Sunday May 4, 2014
Thursday Arrival / Friday 9am-6pm / Saturday 9am – 6pm / Sunday Departure
(Date & Time may be adjusted depending on arrival and departing time of Embassy Officials)

Venue: Nigerian Foundation Secretariat 17505 Northland Park Court, Southfield, MI 48076

Start Your Application Process Now by Going to the Nigerian immigration website at or or

Step I
Click on E-Passport Application Form
On passport type, select standard e-passport
On processing country, select United States, then click on start application
Choose one of these to use: Google, Yahoo, or opened
Choose Washington DC office as your processing office

Be sure to print out the following important pages:
i) Application Data Page before clicking “submit”
ii) The page that lists your Application ID, and Reference Number
iii) A copy of Payment Confirmation page

The following three registration documents are required to be turned in before appointment can be given:
(1) Standard E-Passport Application Form (database sheet with signature line)
(2) Passport Acknowledgement Slip (with the Green Nigerian Band on top)
(3) Passport Payment Slip (with the Green Nigerian Band on top)

Step II
Make copies of the following:
(i) Application Data page.
(ii) Page that lists your application ID
(iii) Payment Confirmation page
(IV) put originals of all three above in a large envelope and turn in at drop off center 17505 Northland Park Court, Southfield, MI 48076

For questions/concerns please contact Committee members:
Hon. Sunday Omoyele (248)943 8863
Sir Mathias Mgbeafulu (313) 729 2076
Chief Bernard Onwuemelie (313) 753 2292
Chief Madu (313)758 9081
Temitope Omotayo (706) 801 5151
Dagogo Obomanu (313) 477 7107


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