CHICAGO, IL: FALL 2016 Nigerian e-Passport Exercise DATE CHANGE

CHICAGO, IL: FALL 2016 Nigerian e-Passport Exercise DATE CHANGE

Aug 01

FALL 2016 Nigerian Consulate New York

e-Passport Exercise Chicago, IL

Harris Park-Chicago Park District (African International House)

6200 South Drexel Ave Chicago, IL 60637
(1 block east of Cottage Grove Avenue @ 62nd street)


 Friday, 10/28/16 & Saturday, 10/29/16


 10am – 5pm 


The ePassport Exercise dates has changed. We apologize for any inconveniences and are looking forward to seeing you on the new dates.

Hello and welcome to the Fall 2016 Nigerian ePassport Exercise with the Nigerian Consulate New York. All intending applicants must complete the application and registration process to participate. 

FYI: ePassports are NOT renewable!!! You must apply for a new one

Step 1: Application and Registration Info  CLICK ME

Step 2: Attend Exercise

Please plan to spend the day at the venue so plan accordingly especially for your children. All applicants including babies are required to be present since you will be coming for the biometrics (passport photo and fingerprint capture) portion of the exercise. You are responsible for your own feeding so pack lunch, snacks and drinks.

 Items to bring with you to the venue

  1. Old passport for verification
  2. $100 POST OFFICE money order (administrative fee) per applicant payable to: Consulate General of Nigeria New York.
  3. STAMPED Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope per applicant with appropriate postage of $22.95 to ensure delivery of your passport.
  4. $25 venue fee per applicant in cash.

Lost Passport Applicants

In addition to items 2 through 4, you are required to bring a $370 POST OFFICE money order (penalty fee) per applicant payable to The Consulate General of Nigeria

Address your EXPRESS mail envelope as follows


To: Your mailing details (include your apt/unit# if applicable)

*Indicate your mobile phone # as requested and please write legibly


 *Directives from the Consulate *

*Those without E-passport could get their passport within a month of acquisition, all things being equal

*Those involved in out-of-station acquisition and holder of E-passport (Re-issue) takes longer time before processing as the immigration Headquarters has to approve such data switch that occurred between outside acquisition and the original data of applicants already in the data base that alternatively, those in urgent need of their passports are advised to avail themselves the opportunity by coming to the Consulate in New York. It takes a day to complete, all things being equal.

If you have any questions and wish to volunteer please Adanna Okoro at 773-443-6516 (text for faster response).



Passport pictures are not needed – passport pictures will be taken on-site



  1. Esther Nwabuego

    I want to clarify the $100 fee. Is the $100 fee referenced in the “Steps to complete application and registration” section (#2) different from the $100 referenced in the “Items to bring with you to the venue” (section) #2?

    • adanna

      Hi. Yes, there are 2 $100 fees.

      The first $100 POST OFFICE MONEY ORDER is Registration Fee payable to ADAMAZI EVENTS to participate in the Exercise. Paid at time of registration and before participation.

      The second $100 POST OFFICE MONEY ORDER is Adminstrative Fee payable to NIGERIAN CONSULATE NEW YORK paid on the day of the exercise

  2. Rev Mother for Rodney Allwell

    Thanks and God bless you and yours. I will like to make an appointment for my son’s renewal. Please can you give a date 8/16 / 16.

  3. dupe

    are we to fill form through Nigeria Immigration on line and pay?

    • adanna

      Yes and then print out your application and payment receipts and mail to me along with your $100 registration fee money order

  4. Matthias

    what is the $370.00 penalty fee, and why are we been penalized.

  5. Bunmi

    What is the website for the Nigerian immigration where we can register?

  6. Emmanuel Alli

    Can we still renew the passport in Chicago
    10/14 & 15 through your event venue even though the registration deadline was 9/15 ?

  7. Gabriel

    Why do you request we pay 100 dollar registration fee.

    • adanna

      If you wish not to register please proceed to any of the 3 Consulates for service.

  8. Tolu

    I already paid all the fees for my entire family to the DC embassy but can’t travel there because of conflict with dates. Can we still come to this evenT even though this is with the New York Consulate? There are 4 of us. I have all the forms filled out with reference and application IDs.

  9. Mike

    The dates have been changed?

  10. Can l come to your office to fill my application or fill it that day and pay the necessary fees in cash


    I just got the news. Can I still meet up?

  12. Chioma Okeoma

    Hi Dear,

    Has this event pass (10/28 to 10/29, 2016)? If ye, could you advice of any other option for renewing passports that does not include trips to NY, DC, or Atlanta?

    Thanks for the service.

    • adanna

      The dates are 10/28 and 10/29. Complete the application process and head to the Consulate. Call 773 443 6516 for more information

  13. adanna

    Yes on the dates. Each applicant must have his or her own EXPRESS MAIL return envelope

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