WINTER 2016 Nigerian e-Passport Exercise Chicago, IL

WINTER 2016 Nigerian e-Passport Exercise Chicago, IL

Dec 14

WINTER 2016 Nigerian Consulate New York

e-Passport Exercise Chicago, IL

Harris Park-Chicago Park District (African International House)

6200 South Drexel Ave Chicago, IL 60637
(1 block east of Cottage Grove Avenue @ 62nd street)

 Friday, 2/19/16 – Saturday, 2/20/16

 10am – 5pm 

Hello and welcome to the Winter 2016 Nigerian ePassport Exercise with the Nigerian Consulate New York. All intending applicants must complete the application and registration process to participate. 

ePassports are NOT renewable!!! You must apply for a new one

Steps to complete application and registration

  1. Complete application process and pay for ePassport booklet  APPLICATION LINK  Print application and payment receipts
  2. Call (773) 443 6516 to schedule your registration appointment and registration fee is $100/applicant. Documents needed for registration are application, payment receipts (passport payment slip and passport acknowledgement slip), copies of Nigerian passports and supporting documents. Documents must be submitted in person between 6pm and 8pm, Monday – Wednesday at 4554 N Broadway Suite 325 Chicago, IL 60640


Please plan to spend the day at the venue so plan accordingly especially for your children. All applicants including babies are required to be present since you will be coming for the biometrics (passport photo and fingerprint capture) portion of the exercise. You are responsible for your own feeding so pack lunch, snacks and drinks.

 Items to bring with you to the venue

  1. Old passport for verification
  2. $100 POST OFFICE money order (administrative fee) per applicant payable to: Consulate General of Nigeria New York.
  3. STAMPED Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope per applicant with appropriate postage of $22.95 to ensure delivery of your passport.
  4. $25 venue fee per applicant in cash.

Lost Passport Applicants

In addition to items 2 through 4, you are required to bring a $370 POST OFFICE money order (penalty fee) per applicant payable to The Consulate General of Nigeria

Address your EXPRESS mail envelope as follows


To: Your mailing details (including unit#)

 *Directives from the Consulate *

*Those without E-passport could get their passport within a month of acquisition, all things being equal

*Those involved in out-of-station acquisition and holder of E-passport (Re-issue) takes longer time before processing as the immigration Headquarters has to approve such data switch that occurred between outside acquisition and the original data of applicants already in the data base that alternatively, those in urgent need of their passports are advised to avail themselves the opportunity by coming to the Consulate in New York. It takes a day to complete, all things being equal.

If you have any questions and wish to volunteer please Adanna Okoro at 773-443-6516 (text for faster response).

Passport pictures are not needed – pictures will be taken on-site






  1. Nkemakolam odoemelam

    When next will be a passport exercise be done in dallas ?

  2. Amaka

    Greetings! please when next will the epassport exercise be holding in Houston??

  3. Érdoo

    Any dates for Los Angeles?

  4. kenny

    From the information provided does it mean they cannot renew an expired passport unless someone takes new one

    • adanna

      Nigerian passports are not renewable. Once your passport booklet expires, you must apply for a new passport

  5. kenny

    where can I fill out the application

  6. adanna

    Thanks to all who attended the Chicago Winter 2016 ePassport Exercise. We did exceptionally well for our first Winter Exercise. This will pave the way for a second exercise this year. Do not wait till the last minute to register. Send us a text at 773 443 6516 or email us at with your first and last name plus cell phone # along with the following text “summer/fall exercise” to be added to the contact list. We expect to start receiving passports for distribution in about six weeks or so.

    Registration is a must or you can simply go to any of the 3 Consulates to receive service.

    If you need your passport on or before August/September give us a call at 773 443 6516 for alternative solutions.


  7. adanna

    No dates yet. Keep checking this site and also the Nigerian Embassy website

  8. funmi

    Though I’m in Chicago. Can I go to the consulate office in Atlanta to process a new e-passport? How many days does it take for me to get passport if yes. Thank you

  9. Maureen

    When are you guys coming again to Chicago , I live in Chicago and my passport and that of my sister expires in may 2016

    • adanna

      My next passport program will be around August/September. We will start enrollment around the middle of May. Check back then and you can also call us at (773) 443 6516.



  10. Omoniyi Ajiboye

    Hi, may I kniw when the Passport. Exercises comes to Chicago again this year 2016?
    My phone #s to alert me are (872)333-6966) and (312)837-5789

  11. Nike

    Hi Adanna,
    Any idea about when next it will hold in Los Angeles?

  12. Alex

    When next will e-passport exercise be conducted in chicago.

    • adanna

      Next year Spring or Summer. Text “Chicago Passport 2017” to 773 443 6516 to be included in the announcement text once we start enrollment.

  13. Uchenna

    When do you plan to be in Chicago for epassport exercise?

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